Neonto Cloud

Neonto Cloud is a package of services that extends Neonto’s design software.

With the help of Neonto Cloud, a mobile app you’ve created in Neonto becomes even more like a real app: it can include dynamic content updated over the web, send data by email, and be published on App Store for release or beta testing.

It’s great for both prototyping and complete apps! For prototypes, you can make your prototypes feel much more real when they have live data from Google Sheets and can also send data back. It’s a ridiculously easy way to mock up a back-end without needing a real server application.

For many simple apps, the Neonto Cloud services can also be used for released apps. For example, if you want to collect simple forms of data from a group of users, you could just use a Google Sheets document to collect it.

Thanks to Store Agent, it’s easy to get your app to users. Prototypes and beta versions can be deployed on Apple’s Testflight. Finished apps can be published on the App Store.

Google Sheets plugin

It's easy to make a native mobile app with Neonto. But often your app needs to save data into the cloud, or load data from the cloud so that you can update content remotely.

For example, you might want to...

• Make a list where you can update the content from an admin page on the web, and have it reflected to all users of your app.

• Collect feedback forms from your users and have the data saved on a server.

Neonto's plugin for Google Sheets is a ridiculously easy way to handle these scenarios.

Send Email plugin

Send email from user actions within your app. The message can be either an “admin message” to a predetermined address, or a freeform message to the user’s own provided email address.

Store Agent

Export your app from Neonto Proto Studio ready for the App Store! The code will have your own copyright and you have full rights to use it.

Store Agent takes care of important technical details and explains what you need to enter at Apple’s site to make the app ready. You’ll get a checklist of steps to ensure that your app goes through, whether it’s for beta testing using Testflight or for public release.